We believe learning to drive should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience and we strive to achieve these! Our driving training is well structured, effective and designed to individual need. It has helped over 90% of our students passed their first time driving tests. Listed below are our driving lesson outlines and descriptions. Please contact us if you need further information that is not listed as below.

Basic Lesson

Teaching your spouse or your children to drive can be a panic-stricken experience. It can ruin relationships, too. Trivalleysafety Driving School can help. We have lessons designed for both new and not so experience drivers. We have pay-as-you-go plan and every lesson lasts for 2 hours. Our driving instructors teach you basic driving skills and also help you to build your confidence on roadways. On your first lesson, they usually evaluate your performance and design a blueprint training that fits you best. This is the most common lesson that drivers achieve their licenses.

Driving Test Brush Up Lesson

This brush up lesson is designed to help you pass your DMV driving test in a short period of time. Whether you have some driving experience; or you are looking for a professional brush up before your driving test; or you are taking a retest. This lesson is for you. A sample test will be given to evaluate you, and let you get the feeling of a DMV driving test. Our instructors will discuss your result and suggest improvements. However, it is illegal to drive in the actual DMV test routes.

Freeway/ Downtown/ Countryside Lesson

This is a confidence booster lesson for students who think that they are nervous on the wheels and who believe that they could only drive in an easy roadway. Our instructors are specialized in helping students who have had bad experience in the past, too. During the lessons, you will be taught to drive in various roadway situations like freeway, downtown, and winding roads.

Qualified Licensed Driver Lesson

Now, you have a license and thinking of buying a brand new car or commencing a training as a professional driver. Well, this lesson can serve as a refresher before you move on. Our instructors will brush up your driving skills by improving your driving handling and your observations such as using planning and scanning techniques. Most drivers that have done such lessons with us agreed that they were more confident behind the wheels and therefore their chances of having an accident are reduced.

Note: Some insurance company may recognize driving lessons as a bonus that can lower your insurance premium. Please check with your insurance agent to find out more.