Mature drivers can take advantage of our specially designed senior driving education. These in-car driving lessons for seniors provide a refresher course covering all the basic rules and safety practices of driving.

Why Seniors Should Take In Car Driver’s Education

There are several ways driver’s education can benefit seniors over 55. Here are a few reasons taking driving lessons is a good idea:

  You obtain a discount on automobile insurance
  You make sure to cover materials on written exams required for license renewals
  It’s a refresher course on safe driving strategies and techniques

Driving has changed a lot since many seniors earned their first driving permit or license. Taking classes from a driving school for seniors can be beneficial to keep up-to-date on the most recent changes and to help stay up on the ever changing environment of driving. Seniors can benefit from learning or relearning things like:

  Minimizing the effect of blind spots
  Maintaining proper distances behind other vehicles
  Changing lanes safely and making turns in busy intersections
  The effects medications can have on driving
  How to monitor your own and other driver’s skills
  Why it is important to eliminate distractions such as cell phones, smoking, and eating
  Defensive driving strategies
  How to accommodate and manage age related changes in hearing, vision and reaction times

Once you have finished the course you will better understand the challenges of driving today and how you may avoid collisions altogether. This not only keeps you safe, but can also help from causing injuries to others.

The Benefits of Driving Lessons for Seniors

Besides the obvious safety advantages, when you take a driving course designed for seniors, you will also receive:

  Convenient classes to fit in your schedule
  A certificate to present to the insurance company showing you completed the course
  Discounted insurance rates
  24/7 customer support

Taking a senior driving course can be an effective way for you to review the many rules of the road. Contact us today for more information.