Two hours of in-car drivers training begin the student’s journey to becoming a safe driver. Learn the basics and more in one of our 2012 honda civic: analysis, introduction, scanning with SIPDE, and the rest of the foundation for safe driving.


Six hours of in-car drivers training, 2 hours at a time. Covers everything in the Two hours of in-car drivers training, plus: basic driving maneuvers, including intersection approach, lane changes, introduction to freeway driving, parallel parking, defensive driving, and DMV road test skills.


Ten hours of in-car drivers training, 2 hours at a time. Covers everything in the Two hours of in-car drivers training AND Six hours of in-car drivers training Programs, plus: a 2-hour session with heavy traffic in congested areas, a 2-hour session of intense freeway training (entering, exiting, merging, passing, being passed, interchanges), and other advanced techniques to make the student a safe defensive driver.


Eighteen hours of in-car drivers training, 2 or 4 hours at a time. Covers everything in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Programs. This program is customized to the student’s needs and progress, and may also include: a 2-hour session in heavy downtown traffic (with complicated intersections, one-way streets, etc.), a 4-hour road trip including 2-lane roads, passing and being passed, mountain/canyon driving with varied road conditions, and dealing with emergencies. Also includes 2 hours of advanced defensive driving techniques, including being prepared for the unexpected.


Fifty six hours of in-car drivers training, 2 or 4 hours at a time. This program is designed especially for students who want the very best in driver training and is great for students whose parent or guardian cannot do the state-mandated 50 hours of supervised practice driving. Covers everything in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Programs, with many more valuable driving experiences depending on the student’s progress and needs. May also include: advanced training in all areas where the student will eventually be driving (airports, amusement parks, beach areas, busy downtown areas, etc.), and three unique and separate 4-hour road trips covering various counties and experiences. The instructor will also take the student to the DMV for their road test in our car.


Twelve hours of in-car driver training

Original price $650 ( special discount $540 -$600 )

Twelve hours of in-car drivers training. Plus: All the DMV drive test requiring, lane changing, turning, pull over, back and all kind of the driving test knowledge. Help our student to pass the test successfully.

$ 150

Brush up training ( for the customer who want to practice for the road test only, and also called at the last moment)

$ 170 – $ 150

Car rental for student only ( ask first customer to take at least one brush up in-car driving training to rent a car to them)
Our percentage to pass the road test is 99% if the students followed our scheduling.
Get the customer’s availability to learn the driving and full deposit. Also, make a scheduling for them as soon as we can.
Customers are responsible for the late cancellation fee (ask them to give a call to cancel the lesson at least 24 hours in advance and the fee for this is $70) and
return check fee $50. We also provide free pick up and drop off at anywhere in bay area