Step By Step Instructions

Steps toward a provisional license – For teens under 18
If your age is between 17 1/2 and 18:
You may obtain a provisional learning permit without driver education or driver training. However, to take a driving test at DMV, you must prove that you had completed driver education and driver training, otherwise you must wait until you reach 18 years of age
If your age is between 15 1/2 and 17 1/2:
Don’t have a Driver Education Certificate. ————- Start from step 1
Don’t have a Provisional Permit to drive. ————- Start from step 2
Already have a Driver Training Certificate. ————- Start from step 5
Step 1: Go Through Driver Education
  • CA state requires 30 hours of driver education. You may choose between online course or classroom training.
  • Online course may last from 2 to 7 days depending how fast you read. Classroom training often requires 4 to 5 days.
  • Upon completion, you’ll get form DL400C (Pink slip)
  • Start now with Trivalleysafety Online Driver Education
Step 2: Take a Written Test at DMV to Get a Provisional Permit
  • The written test consists of 46 questions. You cannot miss 9 or more questions
  • sample test at DMV website.
  • Do not forget to study the DMV handbook and please take note of the followings before going to DMV:
Step 3: Go Through Driver Training
  • Take at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a professional instructor.
  • Your permit is not valid until you start your driver training with a driving instructor or reach the age of 17 1/2.
  • Upon completion of six hours driver training, you will receive a Certificate of Driver Training DL400D (yellow slip).
  • Click here to learn more about our driver training.
Step 4: Hold your Permit for at Least 6 Months
  • From the date your permit is issued, you must wait for 6 months before you are allowed to take the behind-the-wheel driving test at DMV.
  • California state requires a 50 hours lesson from parents, driving instructors, or anyone over 25 years of age with a valid California license (10 hours must be night driving).
  • Practice! Practice! And Practice!
Step 5: Pass the DMV Driving Test
  • To take a driving test at DMV, you must be at least 16 years old.
  • Proof of completion of driver education and driver training.
  • Bring valid car insurance and car registration.
  • If you failed the first time, you must wait for 2 weeks before taking your next driving test and pay a fee of $6
  • Schedule driving test appointment online or call (800) 777-0133.
  • Click here to find out more about driving test.
Step 6: Receive Provisional License by Mail in about 2 to 3 Weeks
  • Two restrictions for provisional license:
    • a. No passengers under the age of 20 unless accompany by someone who is 25 years old or older with a valid California driver license.
    • b. No driving between 11 pm and 5 am, unless accompany by someone who is 25 years old or older with a valid California driver license.
  • ¾Click here to find out more and other exceptions to restrictions.