Defensive driving courses commonly known as traffic school are accredited and authorized by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you’ve had received a moving traffic violation ticket then your California county traffic court may give you the choice to complete traffic school to avoid the citation and thereby eliminate the negative points to be added to your driving report. No person is free from making mistakes and it can happen any time, but it has to be taken care as the mistakes often made when behind the wheels can be irreparable as it risks people’s lives.. If at all you are involved in such situations then as a corrective measure your traffic court may be willing to reduce your fines if you agree to take a traffic school.

  • irrespective of the reason for taking up a defensive driving course you are bound to receiving valuable knowledge about defensive driving techniques and the Califonnian traffic laws. Also, It gives better information of eliminating the chances of receiving more traffic tickets in the future.
  • Trivally Safety Driving School offers the best traffic school sessions that imparts some valuable benefits:

  • Reduce your Ticket Fines: Traffic school reduce your fines when you agree to take up a traffic school class. Prior to appearing before the court, it’s a good idea to contact the court clerk to inquire whether traffic school is an available option for you.
  • Tickets and suspended licenses: Many states have limits on the number of points a person can accumulate in their driving record. If a driver gets too many citations then they can face the suspensions of their licenses. In such cases if you are at a risk of your license getting suspended, then the best to do is to consult your local traffic enforcement agency and find out if traffic school can help.
  • Enhance your driving skills : Driving distractions is the main reason for causing more and more fatal accidents in the present time. This makes it an important factor to take up the sessions in defensive driving. It’s crucial to keep ourselves updated with the latest methods of preventing collisions and stay protected while behind the wheels. Hence, traffic school can also be taken as a refresher course to be better aware of the traffic laws and regulations.
  • Insurance Rates: There are many insurance companies offering incentives to drivers to take a defensive driving course by way of huge discounts on the premiums upon completions. Hence, traffic tickets aren’t the only reason for taking a traffic school.
  • Improvement in driving record: Traffic school helps you eliminate the negative points added to your driving record due to a traffic ticket. This is highly beneficial because insurance companies use your driving records to determine the rates. A single citation can have a huge impact on your insurance premiums and by taking traffic school you may be able to keep the rates to a minimum .